Beaker Creatures

I was kindly sent the Beaker Creatures Liquid Reactor Super Lab and 2 extra Beaker Creatures from Learning Resources UK for Harriet to do and review.

The game comes in a box with;

  1. Instructions
  2. The set up
  3. 2 beakers
  4. Stirrer
  5. Pincers
  6. 2 beaker creature pods
  7. A leaflet and cards to identify the creatures

I found it really easy to set up as the instructions are simple and easy to understand. I love the fact that inside the instructions booklet there is 4 other experiments you can do.

Once we set it up, Harriet was super excited to give it a try. She put the pod in the beaker and filled the 2 plungers either side with water. She pushed the plungers down so the water went into the beaker and watched with amazement as the pod frothed and dissolved, (even I loved it!) It’s super frothy and the overflow tray comes in really handy, just incase it does froth over.

The pods come in different colours which I think is really good, we had 2 green, a blue and a purple. Once it had stopped frothing, Harriet had a look and the creatures are inside a little case, so Harriet used the pincers to get her Beaker Creature out.

We then used the little cards to identify which creature she had. Harriet absolutely loved this Super Lab and can’t wait to get some more pods. It’s super fun to do, even as a family, and teaches them all about science experiments.

Learning Resources UK is a great company that has many different toys to help children learn through play. They have games for all different ages, that help with mathematics, English, science and general learning.

I definitely recommend the Beaker Creatures Super Lab, it’s fun, easy to do and all kids love little toys. It would be great as a present, or something to do on a family day.

You can visit there website here –

Thank you to LearningResourcesUK for kindly sending us this great toy.

Even though this was gifted to us, this review is my own honest opinion

Katie ❤️


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