Tail Trails – Learning Resources

We were kindly sent a game called Tail Trails from Learning Resources for Elsie.

I think this is a fun little game to do with your younger children. Me, Harriet and Elsie all played together and we had lots of fun and laughter.

In the box you get;

  1. 3 plastic cats with long fabric tails
  2. Cardboard dice with directional pictures
  3. 3 order cards
  4. Instructions

In the instructions there is 3 levels to the game and it explains what you have to do for each one, we only did level 1 to begin with.

I helped Elsie play, as she doesn’t understand directions yet so this game is great for learning. The dice has pictures on each side to show where to hide the cats. (Under, between, above, behind, inside). She rolled the dice and it landed on behind. So we went and took the three cats and hid them behind things for Harriet to find. The thing I like about this is that you leave the long fabric tails showing so they’re not too hard to find.

When Harriet found the cats, she rolled the dice and hid them from Elsie. Elsie loved walking around trying to find them and the excitement was unbelievable when she found one. I could tell she was so happy with herself.

This game is great for helping teach toddlers how to follow instructions. It helps them pay attention to details and play nicely with others.

On level 2 you use the order cards to tell the seeker which colour they have to find first, second and third.

On level 3 you use the game to create a story and practice daily routines. The hider hides all 3 cats in the order of the routine. For example bed time:

  1. Cat 1 in the bath
  2. Cat 2 on top of the books
  3. Cat 3 inside the bed sheets.

Elsie had great fun playing Tail Trails and I think level 3 is such a good game to play, so we’re going to try that one next. I love how educational it is and that it got both girls playing nicely together (which is a rare occurrence).

I’m definitely going to be buying more educational toys from now on. It’s great to have a game or toy that the children love playing, that teaches them different things.

Thank you so much to Learning Resources UK for Elsie’s game.

Katie ❤️


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