We were kindly sent some of Herobility’s new HeroEco range to review.

Herobility is a company that sells baby products that are made from plant based materials. So they’re kind to nature and safe for your child to use.

The new HeroEco range are products made with biodegradable bioplastics which are made from corn starch. They’re all BPA free and perfect for all ages.

We were kindly sent the HeroEco cup, plate, spoon and the HeroEco Feeding Starter Pack for George. As well as 2 pink HeroEco glasses for Harriet and Elsie.

Feeding Starter Kit

We decided to have the Mist Grey colour for George’s stuff, but they do also do other colours. I love the design, the Herobility sign is the perfect touch to the bib. I honestly love this set. We were sent a sticker that sticks to the highchair to help vaccum the plate to it. The sticker is a cute design with little characters on wearing Herobility masks, which I think looks great even when the plates not on there. It came with instructions on how to put it on and take it off, and it was really easy to apply. Once I put George in the highchair, I put the bib on him, it’s comfortable for him to wear and has a huge pocket to catch any food he drops down himself. My favourite bit is that the bib and plate have magnets on so you can attach the bib to the plate, meaning even less mess, as it all sits on the bib.

Plate, Cup and Spoon

The cup/beaker for George is great, the little handles on both side makes it easy for him to hold and drink out of himself. I love the fact the teat on it is quite hard as well, so he can establish that it’s his water beaker and not a bottle.

The spoon is nice and long, and the way it’s designed makes it really easy for him to hold. He doesn’t quite know what to do with it yet, but he has a good try.

The plate with the lid is perfect for if we’re going out anywhere. I can put his lunch in it and close the lid and just pop it in the baby bag. The vertical edges make it easier to keep the food on the plate rather than him flicking it everywhere. They’re all dishwasher safe too which is fantastic!

HeroEco Glass

So the girls were gifted the Eco Glass, which you get 2, so they were perfect for us. I decided to get Pink for them, and like the others, they come in different colours. Elsie’s not long learnt how to drink out of a cup, and she managed fine with the glass. It was big enough for her to hold on her own and held enough liquid for her not to spill everywhere. The glasses are dishwasher and microwave safe.

I love the fact that these are good for the planet. They’re all also recyclable which is amazing! So if your looking for products for your children and want to help the planet, these products are for you! I’ve never really though about how much plastic we use until I came across this company.

The HeroEco range is out now so make sure you check it out. Herobility HeroEco

Thank you so much to Herobility for gifting us these items, even though these items were gifted, these opinions are all my own.

Katie ❤️


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