Baby Led Spreads

I was kindly sent some baby led spreads for George. Baby Led Spreads are spreads that come in little jars that can be used with food.

We were sent 6 different flavours;

  1. Avacado, red pepper & Tomato
  2. Ricotta & bean
  3. Carrot, apple & humus
  4. Red lentil & sweet potato
  5. Spicy pumpkin & chickpea
  6. Green pea, rocket & dill

I love the variety of flavours, they’re flavours that I wouldn’t put together myself so it’s good for George to get different tastes.

The spreads are for 6 months plus and can be used with cooking. They can be put on toast, pasta, pizza, whatever you like, and can be eaten hot or cold. Or you can use them as dips to have with bread sticks or veg sticks.

I’ve been doing baby led weaning with George and the first one he tried was the Avacado, red pepper and tomato. I put it on a wrap with some chicken and he absolutely loved it. He gets all the great tastes of different vegetables without me having to fill his plate up.

The little jars that they come in are the perfect size as they have to used within 2 days of opening. They’re also good if you want to take one with you if your going out, they fit nicely in a baby bag.

They’re also dairy free, so they’re suitable for babies with allergies.

All in all I think these are a great product. It lets your child learn through taste and can be used on a variety of things.

They have lots of information and recipes on their website or you can visit their Instagram @babyledfood_

Katie ❤️


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