9 months of you.

9 months already. I swear time goes faster the more babies you have. It feels like the fastest 9 months of my life.

You’ve not had the best time over the past 3 months. You’ve been constantly poorly, cold after cold and then chicken pox. But you’ve still be an absolute pleasure, always smiling and giggling away. The bond you’re getting with your sisters is so amazing to watch. The look of love in your eyes when you see them absolutely melts my heart.

Still no teeth yet though! You’re constantly chewing on anything and everything and we can see how much they’re annoying you. Luckily you have your Gummee Teething Link n Teethe set which really helps. It’s one of your fave toys! I love watching you play and you love being surrounded by toys.

You pay attention to everything now, always watching what everyone is doing. You can pull yourself up on the furniture to give us those big smiles, but nothing is safe anymore! You grab anything and everything you’re not supposed to!

As much as I love you being a mama’s boy, my gosh I wish you would sometimes go to your dad. You’re always by my side, no matter where I go. If you can’t see me, it’s the end of the world. Well it must feel it for you because you scream loud enough haha. You won’t sleep unless your in my arms or by my side in bed. As for sleep, we won’t even go there.

We had you weighed this week, your a whopping 22lbs of pure love!

The next update will be his 1 year update, (that makes me so sad!). And hopefully, you’ll have some teeth!

I love you my boy, đź’™


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