Our Weaning Journey Pt2

I nearly gave up doing baby led weaning. It was such a hassle. George wasn’t eating anything I gave him, he wouldn’t hold anything himself. When he finally did he was just throwing it all on the floor. He gagged on literally everything, and I know that’s part of the process, but it still petrified me. Every single time.

But I didn’t, I carried on and just kept trying and trying. And we got their in the end. George absolutely loves his food now! He will eat anything and everything I try him with. He absolutely loves messy food 🤭. Spaghetti Bolognese is definitely one of his favourites.

Its amazing to watch him try all new flavours and textures. And he’s really got the hang of not gagging on his food! Thank goodness! Luckily we have some great weaning products that have helped us on our journey. The plate in the above picture is an Easy Tots Mini Mat. It sucks down to the tray so muscle man cannot pull it off and throw his food everywhere! The three compartments make it easy to separate different foods.

We also always use our Bibado, this bib is actually amazing! It keeps him fully covered and it velcros around his highchair tray so it catches any food he drops. It’s waterproof and stain resistant and kept be washed in the washing machine. Win win all around I say.

We also use our Herobility plate that sticks to George’s tray. Its made from eco-friendly products and sticks down to his tray so he can’t pull them off.

I’ve always used Nuby beakers for all of mine, the two handles make it easy for George to hold (when he can be bothered). And it’s non spill, so when he decides he wants to throw it, it doesn’t leak everywhere.

I’ve really started enjoying weaning George now. I didn’t at first. So if your finding baby led weaning a bit hard, just stick at it. It does get better, honestly.

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Bibido –

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