George’s First Birthday Party

Having a party for George was sort of a last minute decision. I don’t normally bother with first birthday parties but since George is our last baby and we cannot go over the top with toys due to no space I thought I’d give it a bash.

I decided to do a jungle themed party. I absolutely love jungle animals and George has loads so I thought why not.


I brought majority of the decorations from Wish and eBay. Here’s what I brought;

  • 12 month banner
  • Jungle happy birthday banner
  • Balloons – green, gold & white
  • Helium balloon animal faces
  • Helium balloon 1
  • Jungle table clothes
  • 2 happy birthday banners
  • Cardboard cake stands

I also brought a few things from Instagram;

All of the plates, plastic cups and trays ect were from Asda. I didn’t realise how much of a huge range Asda have for party stuff.

Instead of doing a buffet, I did a BBQ and sweet table. All the BBQ food was brought from Aldi and it only cost me around £60. We did salad, potatoes, rice, burgers, sausages, pork belly and chicken kebabs.

The sweet table was by far my favourite. The cupcakes were plain cupcakes that we iced ourselves. We also have chocolate muffins, Jaffa cakes, party rings, haribo, lollipops, popcorn, marshmallows, pink wafers and flying saucers.

Georges cake was made by my sister in law. She did a jungle cake with 3D animals on and it looked absolutely amazing.

All in all it was a great day, the children had so much fun and it turned out to be such a lovely day.

George also had a birthday chalkboard that was made by a friend of mine and it looked fantastic!

If you’re thinking about doing a party for your children’s birthday I’d say go for it. At points it was really stressful, but it looked fabulous and George had a great day so it was so worth it.

Here’s some photos of how it looked….


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