A new baby

Wow how long I’ve not been on my blog 😟. Life has been super busy. I came off Instagram for a while, it all became a bit too much for myself and my mental health. And while I was away, you guessed it, we had another baby!

Little Ralph was born on the 15th May 2020 weighing a tiny 5lb 8oz. I’ll be doing another blog post on my pregnancy, birth and how different it was to have a baby during a global pandemic.

It’s been a crazy whirlwind having another baby. I was so nervous that I wouldn’t be able to cope with four, (having 3 under 4 years of age 🙈.) But it’s not been nowhere near as bad as I thought. The children have all adapted so well to him.

I’ll be giving updates on all the children, they’ve all grown so much since the last time I did a blog post!

Well I hope your all well and I can’t wait to update you all on how life has been!

Lots of love, Katie ❤️


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