Outdoor Adventures

The world has been taken over by technology. It’s not like how it was when I was a child. We went out and played with friends, got dirty in the mud and was always going on little adventures.

I’m not going to lie, I’m guilty of it. Harriet and Elsie both have tablets. But we also like to take them out into the world.

Nothing beats seeing children running free in the outdoors. Seeing their little smiles and the excitement when they find a bug or an acorn.

We’re lucky that we have little forests and woodlands not far. We also have the Derbyshire Dales which is a 20 minute drive. I like to get my children out as much as possible, even if it’s just playing in the back garden.

There’s so many activities you can do for free. Here’s a few;

  • Bug hunt
  • Collecting leaves and sticks for crafts at home
  • Tree colouring – take some paper and crayons and hold it onto a tree and colour the paper.
  • Match the colours – give them a list of colours and get them to find different things outdoors that match the colours.
  • Outdoor hunt – write a list of things they’re likely to see outside and get them to tick it when they see it.
  • Stack and balance different size rocks and stones
  • Climbing tree stumps

Mine absolutely love hunting and collecting and anything they find can be used for crafts at home.

When we don’t go out my children like to go in the garden and play on their bikes and scooters. Harriet’s also a keen rollerskater, or we play football or tag. We have trips to the park and go for walks round the block when they’re getting bored at home.

There’s so much you can do outdoors, even for just half an hour a day. It’s great for children to get fresh air and for us as parents too.

I hope there’s some good ideas for you all to try. Let me know what your children’s favourite outdoor activity is.

Katie ❤️


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