West Midlands Safari Park

We were kindly gifted tickets to visit West Midlands Safari Park. I haven’t been since I was 16 so 10 years ago. The kids were super excited to visit.

We visited the park on Saturday 19th September. It opens and 10am and we arrived there for about 9.40 and it was already quite busy. Once it opened the queues went down really fast though and we was in and starting the safari for 10.10.

What a day we had. It was absolutely amazing. The safari has different areas for the different animals. It took us 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete the safari and the amount of animals we seen was fantastic! The kids loved seeing them all up close. You can buy animal food at the entrance so you can feed the animals. They were all so friendly and going up to all the cars.

I was amazed at how nice the camels were, they were going up to everyone’s cars and walking through. (You’re not allowed to touch or feed the camels though).

There was 2 types of lions, the white ones were absolutely beautiful. All the animals were beautiful. We took lots of photos and the children had the best time! There is such a variety of animals; deers, camels, zebras, elephants, giraffes, rhinos, lions, wild dogs, just to name a few.

It took us an hour and 45 minutes to complete the safari. So the only thing I would say is that if you have a baby be prepared. Once we had finished the safari we parked up and ate our picnic at the picnic area then went into the actual park.

When you first to in there’s shops on either side as you walk through and then you get to the penguins. We then went through the discovery house. Everyone was wearing face coverings and trying to keep 2 metres apart where possible.

There was one way systems all around the park for people to be able to social distance.

Next thing we did was the Ice Age Trail and it was fantastic. There’s lots of information about the different animals that were around during the ice age.

There was also a dinosaur trail which George absolutely loved. There was so many different dinosaurs and information about each one. When we reached the end there was a dinosaur bone digging pit.

There was literally so much to do. There’s a reptile house, lorikeet house, rides and amusements, lemur woods and goat petting, a big play park and the sea lion show.

The sea lion show was fantastic. The only thing that was a bit of a let down was trying to get it. We queued for the first one for about 20 minutes and was told we wouldn’t get it. So the second one we had to queue for 50 minutes to make sure we could get a seat. Due to Covid restrictions, half the seats were closed which is why it was a struggle to watch it. But we got into the second show and was very happy! The show lasted around 20 minutes and we seen all the little tricks the sea lions could do. It was also very informative, giving us lots of information we didn’t know about sea lions. The kids loved watching them jump out of the water and make noises.

I know going to places during this pandemic can be a bit daunting but we honestly had the best time.

There is hand sanitizer all around the park, everyone is asked to where face masks when indoors and majority of people were abiding by the rules. It was a great day out, something all the family could enjoy.

They currently have an offer on at the moment, when you book tickets you get free return tickets for another day.

Thank you to West Midlands Safari Park for gifting us tickets. We had the best time, it was a great day out, everyone enjoyed themselves.

Katie ❤️


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