8 months of you

You’ve spent the majority of your life so far in lockdown. Born during a pandemic, then just as we think things are getting better there’s a new variant of coronavirus and we’re back in lockdown.

8 months old. You’ve been here for 8 months already. It’s crazy! You make us laugh so much, you’re starting to get your own little personality and I love it.

You’ve gone from a tiny baby to an absolute bruiser. Food is your favourite. As soon as you see your highchair you get so excited. It’s great the fact that you’re not a fussy eater, you’ll eat anything and everything.

You’re finally sitting up unaided. I thought you was never going to do it haha. Such a lazy boy, not when it comes to sleep though. 4-5am is you’re wake up time and it kills me. I thought I’d finally be blessed with a good sleeper but nope, you’re just as bad as you’re brother and sisters haha.

I love the bond you have with your siblings, they love you just as much as you love them. I really thought George would be super jealous of you, but he’s not. You have the best bond with Harriet, Elsie and George. Always smiling at them, the look in your eyes when you see them just lights up the room.

Romper is linked in the photo.

How do we keep you occupied? Jumperoo and lots of toys! Oh and Cocomelon! You spend hours jumping up and down in your jumperoo. Making as much noise as you can, squealing with delight. It even makes you go to sleep. We sit you surrounded with toys and that keeps you occupied for a little bit.

I can’t believe that you’re 8 months. You have two little teggys at the bottom and we’ve been waiting for about 2 months for your top ones to come through. You love music and cuddles. You’re just amazing!

It was your first Christmas, not that you was really fussed. Daddy opened your presents because you wasn’t bothered. But you loved your Christmas dinner.

Hopefully we’ll be out of this lockdown and starting to get back to normal before you’re one.

Happy 8 months my baby boy! We love you so much. ❤️


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