Life Sequence Mystery Box

I love mystery boxes, the excitement when you don’t know what you’re getting. A new small business called Life Sequence reached out to me to gift me one of their beautiful mystery boxes.

Ralph with the mystery box.

First I’ll explain who Life Sequence is and what they do. They’re a new business that have come up with the fantastic idea of selling children’s mystery boxes. But they’re not just any mystery box. They only have ethical, sustainable and eco friendly products inside. They’re all about making the world Greener and what a great way to do it! At the minute there’s two boxes that can be purchased on their first drop date; 12th May. The boxes are 0-6 months and 1-2 years. They contain a variety of products from toys, blankets, plates and skincare. And as I say, each product is ethically sourced. The mystery boxes cost £200 which is guaranteed to be at least 25% less than the RRP of the contents. So you get a surprise, eco friendly products and more for your money. It’s a win win!

I was so excited when the box arrived. My box only contains around 50% of what you would get, as it is a PR box. But we still got lots of goodies!

Ralph loved opening his box. It came beautifully presented. A lovely white box with a big white bow. I chose the 1-2 year box for Ralph with him being one in a few weeks.

Inside our box we got;

  • Bamboo plate
  • Hooded towel
  • Little Herbs Baby Balm
  • Organic Snuggle Blanket
  • Bamboo Nesting Hedgehog
  • Bamboo Safari Animals Puzzle

So my review. I honestly love it. I love the concept behind it and I think it’s the perfect gift idea, for birthdays or new babies. The fact that it’s all sustainable is fantastic! I love that there is a variety of products, and they’re products that we will always use. Ralph loves a blanket so the organic Snuggle blanket will definitely come in handy. The stacking Hedgehog is really thick so it’s perfect for Ralph with his little hands. And the puzzle will help with hand and eye coordination, mine have always loved puzzles. You can’t beat a bamboo plate, they’re easily washed and greener for the planet. Bathtime is Ralph’s favourite so the hooded towel will always be used; a lot! It’s super soft and it’s a rectangle shape so it’s easier to wrap around. Lastly is the baby balm, made from organic and natural ingredients. Perfect for keeping the nappy rash away and for delicate skin.

I definitely think these are a great idea. Being more eco friendly is something that we as a family are trying harder to be. We’re not perfect but every little change helps. Like I said above, the first stock drop is the 12th May so make sure you go and follow their Instagram and keep updated.

Huge thank you to Life Sequence for sending us a PR sample of their gorgeous mystery box!

Katie ❤️


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