Smoby Reversible 2-in-1

As a parent, it’s great when you find a toy that grows with your child. It means they get more play from it and you get more for your money! It’s a win, win!

George has been testing out the Smoby 2-in-1 which can be used as a learner bike or a scooter. It can be used from 18 months plus. So you definitely get the play out of it.

We tried the learner bike first. George is 2 and he knew exactly what to do and have to speed around the garden. The three wheels make it easier for them to learn. There’s two at the back and one at the front. This teaches them how to steer and get their balance.

Then it can be easily switched to the scooter. The handle bar needs to be removed, click a button and turn the front wheel so it changes to the scooter. Literally takes seconds, and there’s no tools involved.

The scooter can be used from 2+. The same as the bike, the scooters a three wheeler so it’s easier for the child to balance. George loves the scooter. He has hours of fun on it.

The frame is made from metal, meaning it’ll last. And the wheels are silent when moving. I did find that the learner bike can be a little but wobbly, so your child may need a little help to begin with.

From my point of view, it’s definitely worth the money. We take it everywhere with us, so George can scoot around and when he gets tired we change it back to the bike. It’s sturdy and will last for George and Ralph. I also love the design, how easy it is to change it from bike to scooter and back again. The handle bar can be put on two height settings too.

It’s currently on offer at Very click here to have a look.


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