Zimplikids Slime Bath

The people at Zimplikids kindly sent us some of their products to try.

I’ve never really thought of buying stuff like this as Elsie is a bit funny with different textures and messy play.

Harriet decided she wanted to try the Glitter Slime Baff, which comes in different colours, but she obviously wanted pink.

I was really impressed with this product, the instructions are so simple and easy to understand, and you can make it to the consistency you like by adding more water.

We filled the bath with warm water, about a quarter full, then literally just sprinkled it all in evenly. Then leave it for 10-15mins, stirring occasionally.

These are really simple to use and the kids had so much fun.

I personally think the Zimplikids products are great for any age range, (I even enjoyed having a little play😂). My girls are 7 and 2 and they both enjoyed it just as much as each other.

The Slime Baff is easy to dispose of and it’s stain free. We just pulled the plug and ran the tap to dialute it. It’s really that easy. I definitely recommend buying this for your kiddies. We can’t wait to try the other products.

Katie ❤️


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