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There’s nothing better than when you have a baby, their skin, so soft. I was always told with all three of mine to make sure I use moisturiser of some sort to make sure their fragile skin doesn’t go dry. But then you also want to make sure you’re using the best you can get because that’s your baby and you don’t want to irritate their skin.

We have tried so many bubble baths and moisturisers over the years and one we love is Child’s Farm.

We were kindly sent some ones we haven’t tried yet, the Orangic Tangerine Bubble Bath and the Grapefruit and Organic Tea Tree Moisturiser.

Bubble Bath

I personally love this bubble bath. It smells absolutely amazing and you only need a little bit to get a lot of bubbles. The bubbles made the babies skin so soft and even Harriet noticed how soft her skin was after using it. The squirty bottle makes it really easy to use and you only need a little bit so the bottle lasts quite a while as well.


The moisturiser is one of the best I’ve used. For the best results it’s better to use twice a day, I only use it once a day, after bath time, but my gosh George’s skin is amazing! I wouldn’t normally pick a Grapefruit smell but I honestly love it, it smells devine and makes the children smell amazing. The moisturiser comes in a pump action bottle as well, making it easy to use and apply. A little goes a long way, so you don’t have to use much at all. George’s skin has never felt so soft, and Elsie and Harriet love using it too.

All Child’s Farm products are clinically tested and are peadiatrician and dermatologist approved. They sell a huge variety of products with some fantastic smells. It contains organic essential oil and naturally deprived ingredients.

I highly recommend the Child’s Farm range, if you love a fantastic product that makes your babies skin so soft then this is the one for you.

Katie ❤️


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