Green Rose

I was kindly gifted 2 night dresses and a baby grow for the children from @merinowoolgreenrose on Instagram.

I’m not going to lie, I was kind of jealous. They are made of the softest material I’ve ever felt. So I knew that when the children wore them, they’d be super comfortable.

The nightdresses are perfect for any little girl. Because they’re made from merino wool, which is a breathable material, it meets it keeps the girls warm but stops them from sweating at the same time! They regulate the body’s temperature all the time so I know that they won’t be too hot or cold when they have their nightdresses on. They’re also perfect for children with sensitive skin and allergies, merino wool is organic and doesn’t irritate skin.

I absolutely love George’s merino wool and silk baby romper. It’s made from 75% merino wool and 25% silk, making it lightweight and warm. The poppers down the middle make it easy to put it on and take it off. Just like the nightdresses, the breathable material controls body temperature and doesn’t let George overheat or get too cold.

Green Rose do children’s and adults clothing, which are all made from merino wool. It’s grown, picked and handmade in Lithuania. It’s honestly the nicest, softest material ever, and the children all love wearing their nightwear for bed. Thank you so much Green Rose.

Check out their website

Katie ❤️

(Items wear gifted but all opinions are my own )

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