Bumbo Multi Seat

As a mother you always look for trusted brands when buying products for your children. Your child reaches different milestones and your constantly looking for those essential products that you’ll need.

One brand, that as a mother myself, I’ve used over and over again is Bumbo. I used their floor seat with the three eldest children and now we have the Bumbo Multi Seat for Ralph.

The Multi Seat is designed for babies that can already sit unaided and has different features to help along with different stages of development.

Features and Benefits

It has three stages; it can be used as a floor seat, attached to an adult dining chair or as a booster seat on an adult chair by removing the foam inside to adapt it to your growing child.

Tray; the tray is attached and hidden away nicely on to the back of the seat. It’s easily detached and placed in front of the seat with just one hand.

Adjustable height; the seat has two height settings so it’s suitable for babies and toddlers.

Attachment straps; the straps that you use when attaching it to a dining chair are neatly stowed away in the sides of the seat.

Removable Pad; the foam pad can easily be removed and stored under the seat when it’s ready to be used for a toddler.

Non slip base; the bottom of the chair has strong non slip pads to stop it from moving.

Easy to clean; all parts of the seat can easily be cleaned. And you only need a damp cloth (you can use a mild detergent if you wanted.)

I use the Multi Seat with Ralph everyday. He’s comfortable in it and even though he can sit unaided I feel so much better when he’s in the seat; because I know he won’t fall.

He eats his breakfast and snacks in his seat, plays with his toys and watches Cocomelon on the TV. (I’m sure I know every word to every song haha!)

It’s helped my with my anxiety of baby led weaning, I can sit right next to him when he’s eating! For us it has been an all round great seat for Ralph.

Bumbo do also sell toys that can be attached to the tray. And suction toys will work too.

Katie ❤️

*The seat was sent as a PR gift from BuggybabyUK.


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